Big Tech Censorship: Challenge Those Protecting Big Pharma Scoundrels From Dissent

“Attack On the Post Office, Charleston, S.C.,” The News Media and the Making of America, 1730-1865
“To protect the Public Health & Safety, please.”
Newsflash: It isn’t just China.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. & his organizationhave been heavily censored in the COVID era. If they will censor a Kennedy, they will censor anyone.

“This is a case about how an officer and an agency within the U.S. Government “privatized” the First Amendment by teaming up with Facebook to censor speech which, under the Bill of Rights, the Government cannot censor. In February 2019, Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA) threatened to introduce legislation to remove Facebook’s immunity under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act unless Facebook implemented algorithms to “distinguish” and suppress “vaccine misinformation” and advertising. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) and, under its aegis, the World Health Organization (“WHO”) then collaborated at length with Facebook to suppress vaccine safety speech with a “warning label” and other notices that appear to flag disinformation, but in reality censor valid and truthful speech, including speech critical of those agencies and their policies. A judicial remedy is urgently required to redress that system of prior restraint which will otherwise go unredressed.”

Or maybe a bannin’ or deplatformin’

“Warning labels” were merely the start. What they really warned us about were the Orwellian turns towards censorship and the coercive nudging of scientists, government officials, and the general public towards approved groupthink on health-related topics. How has Facebook responded to this lawsuit? How have they, and other tech giants, acted since its initial filing? By increasing their censorship and suppression of speech and content with which they do not agree and doubling-down on their collaboration with government and industry sources to promote “the official truth.” Facebook and other tech companies have a barrage of excuses and legal loopholes to deny their role as de facto government censors; including invoking their “private” status as a company and the claim they are fighting the self-defined enemy of “misinformation.” They have had a lot of success beating back legal challenges and keeping government regulations on their side so far. At the end of the day however, they cannot get around the fact they are stifling the free flow of ideas to promote specific preferred ends. They go to great lengths to convince the public their actions are honest and necessary, but we must not let them fool the people and continue with their denials of censorship. Nothing says “we don’t do that” like “doing that” even more.

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