Don’t Discount the Possibility the US Sabotaged the Nord Stream Pipelines

Reviewing the media coverage of this event so far, we are seeing the discounting of the possibility that the US, or more specifically, US actors within the US government and their allies, may have conducted these attacks for a variety of reasons. This is primarily coming in the form of not reporting or underreporting what seem to be very important facts that would be necessary for their audience to receive a proper analysis and consideration of the event. The phrase “there is no evidence of US involvement” seems like it will be the default message in this regard, if the topic comes up at all. Conversely, we are seeing an almost operating assumption in the coverage that Russia is the likely culprit, with quotes from foreign officials espousing their opinions serving as the primary eidence so far. Given that “the West” is fighting a proxy war with Russia in Ukraine at the moment, this may seem like a worthy assumption on the surface. A closer look at the situation reveals it would be premature and irresponsible to rule out US actors and their allies as the culprits given they have experience in such acts, they have motive, and they have the means to carry it out.

Most people want the truth. Most people want their “side” to stand for truth and act in accord with true, honest, and just principles. We like to think our governments do this. But if they can count on the population to act jingoistic, if they know they can manipulate popular opinion with propaganda in the media, we are more likely to see dishonest actors acting contrary to our principles to achieve their ends. Even if the ends are supposedly good, we should not universalize or accept such behavior. Could Russia or some other actor have sabotaged these pipelines? Sure. But so too could the US and its allies have done it. Would you be fine with them lying about it and getting away with it if they did?

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