Griner is Home – How We Reflect and Act on the Lessons of the Incident Now Will Signal Either Closure or Escalation

In the movies, when our naïve, headstrong protagonist does something foolish and gets into trouble that escalates tensions between greater powers than themselves, often their elders, friends, and allies must make great efforts to get them out of danger. This usually threatens other interests or requires sacrifices of principle and honor to accomplish. In the movies this drama usually results in character growth for the protagonist. The lesson learned from their behavior helps them become humble as they admit their actions were selfish and wrong. Their friends and family can then forgive them and move on with their lives and goals. This common dynamic in our storytelling reflects inherent moral truths that govern our ethical behaviors and relationships.

Hopefully Griner recognizes all this and expresses remorse for the actions that encouraged it. Another possibility is Griner seeks to cash in on the incident. The media and certain US actors may continue to promote Griner as a victim to be used as a pawn in political games. Should we accept this? Were this a movie it would not be accepted as adequate closure. It would signal further violations of moral duties and ethical action that must be acknowledged and remedied. It is on all of us to recognize this and demand proper closure to move forward without escalation and further harm being done

It will be interesting to see how it plays out as Griner inevitably becomes vocal about the incident. I’m rooting for Griner to do the right thing.

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