Officials Downplay “Anti-China Propaganda,” Defend State Funding for Communist China-Based Company to Build Battery Factory in Michigan

The Chinese people and culture are great. Their Communist government? Not so much. There has long been an ongoing ideological war between freedom-based Americanism and authoritarian-based Communism. How can we best operate within the reality of our interconnected economy while this war is being waged?

Acknowledging the Many Provocations That Led to Russia’s “Unprovoked War” – A First Step Towards Reconciliation

The US/NATO/EU and their compliant media partners endlessly call the Special Military Operation Russia launched last year ‘unprovoked.” But was it? We cannot hope to end the conflict in Ukraine if we do not address our own actions that helped create it.

Griner is Home – How We Reflect and Act on the Lessons of the Incident Now Will Signal Either Closure or Escalation

Brittney Griner recently returned home upon being let out of jail by the Russians in exchange for the release of Viktor Bout, a convicted arms dealer suspected of being an enemy of the United States. It will be interesting to see how Griner reflects on the incident and how the media frames the story moving forward.

The Columbus Day/Indigenous Peoples’ Day Debate – The One Lesson We All Must Learn

 If we do not learn from the failures of indigenous societies to protect their interests from outsiders, we risk the same happening to us. If we fail to learn from some of the immoral means employed by Columbus and the colonial powers of the times (and beyond), we risk repeating this behavior and becoming something horrible in the future. Pro-Columbus Day arguments seek to recognize and preserve that which has led to our present system; a system that will best secure what Columbus Day critics want secured – the fundamental rights of indigenous peoples.

Don’t Discount the Possibility the US Sabotaged the Nord Stream Pipelines

It is tempting to assume Russia did it and the mainstream media has been quick to play up this possibility. It would be, however, premature and irresponsible to rule out US actors and their allies as the culprits given they have experience in such acts, they have motive, and they have the means to carry it out.

Red Lines and Referendums In Eastern Ukraine May Change the Nature of the Conflict

If the people of the Luhansk, Donetsk, Kherson, and Zaporozhye regions vote to join Russia, it may signal the end of major hostilities in the short-term in these regions; not because Kiev and the West will instantly respect the result, but because of the reality of cold, hard international relations theory and self interests (as well as the harsh cold of winter).

21 Years After 9/11 – The Most Important Lesson We Still Need to Learn

Powerful interests use tragedies and threats to push their agendas at our expense. We must stop allowing our fears and emotions to be exploited in a manner that grows coercive top-down government and compounds problems beyond the original concern.

Chinese State-Controlled Media Trolls are Pushing Democrat Talking Points on Social Media in the US

We should expect foreign State-run media to promote the interests of the State they serve. But when an authoritarian adversary is in your media taking ideological positions in your country’s domestic affairs, you should ask yourself why and note who is aligned with them.

Of Doves & Serpents – The West’s Foreign Policy Moral Shortcomings in Ukraine & Beyond

Western leaders and media talking heads are great at assigning blame and identifying the moral shortcomings of enemies and adversaries amidst tragedy. Few stop to reflect on our own shortcomings.