Michigan Democrats Exploit MSU Shooting to Push Their Rights-Infringing Red Flag Law and Gun Control Bills

A breakdown of Senate Bill 83 – the Extreme Risk Protection Order Act – which makes a mockery of the American conception of due process.

Biden Tells Us What He Really Thinks in His Most Honest State of the Union Address Ever -Transcript (Satire)

“…So on this night, in our 246th year as a nation, I have come to report on the State of the Union. And my report is this: the State of the Union is strong — because the government is strong – stronger than ever,” Biden proclaimed.

Biden Criticized By Supporters for Failing in Railroad Contract Negotiations, Ultimately He Will Get a Pass as the Usual Suspects Will Be Blamed

Pro-union Americans, Democrats, Progressives, and Socialists alike are upset with Biden upon his signing of a bill to force a tentative railroad contract agreement and prevent a strike. After the media spinsters are done with it however, the anger will likely end up where it usually does – with Republicans and those greedy capitalists that hate their own workers and don’t care if they live or die (sarcasm). In reality, there is plenty of blame to go around for the failure of the negotiations, as unreasonable positioning and political games have been played by all.

Georgia Runoff – Warnock Enjoys Polling Advantage & Favorable Media Coverage, But Don’t Count Walker Out Yet

The vote difference between them in the general election was small. Might there be some differences between the general election and the runoff that may swing the election in Walker’s favor?

Maybe Moving to a State More Compatible with Your Principles Isn’t Such a Bad Idea

The election is over and you are dissatisfied with the direction of your state yet again. Should you finally make the big move?

Remember, Remember Whitmer’s COVID Tyranny on the 8th of November

Michigan must choose whether it wants to reward Whitmer for her wrong-headed, rights-infringing COVID response and risk it happening again via her reelection, or change course to reiterate our foundations in freedom by electing challenger Tudor Dixon.

During Debate, Whitmer Misleads About Her Impact on Michigan School Closures

Whitmer claimed Michigan schools were only closed for three months. The facts say otherwise. Her later attempt to blame local authorities for the majority of the closure is equally cringe-worthy, as her and her supporters are largely responsible for the legislation that gave them the authority to do so.

Proposal 3 is Abortion Policy Too Extreme for Michigan

Whether you are 100% pro-life or believe abortion ought to be permitted with restrictions and limitations, the bottom line is that Proposal 3 is too extreme and irresponsible for Michigan. Don’t let the pro-abortion extremists mislead you into thinking this is just a return to policy as it was before Roe and Casey were overturned – it goes much further than that.

Michigan Proposal 2 and Voter ID Requirements – Fact Checking the “Fact Checkers”

Always be skeptical of the labels given to posts on social media by so-called “fact checkers.” Often they are themselves guilty of the errors they claim to be identifying. A recent “fact check” regarding Proposal 2 in Michigan illustrates part of the problem they present.

New Rule Will Allow VA to Provide Abortions to Eligible Veterans & Their Beneficiaries

The Dobbs Supreme Court decision has pro-abortion activists inside and outside the government scrambling to find ways to provide abortions to women in states that may prohibit them. The VA’s Interim Final Rule does just this, and reading through the Rule’s stated reasoning provides yet another example of the dangers associated with Congress allowing administrative agencies too much leeway in determining their own authority.

Is Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan Legal? Competing DOE Memos Highlight the Legal Fight Ahead

News of Biden’s plan to cancel portions of student debt has stirred up debate regarding his legal authority to do so. The legal fight is primarily over interpretation of the Secretary of Education’s authority per the HEROES Act. Until recently, the DOE has held this authority does not exist.

The Democrats Who Cried Wolf

From the baseless derogatory labels, to the blatant media bias, to the lawsuits and the impeachments, Trump’s enemies have attacked him so much over the years that the Mar-a-Lago raid just gains him more sympathy. Democrat credibility will continue to suffer but the real victim is American justice.

Takeaways From Three Interesting Races in the 2022 Michigan Primaries

Money, power, and principles. Tudor Dixon’s win frustrates many in the Republican grassroots – can she win their crucial support? Gibbs defeating Meijer shows Trump’s influence remains strong but will it conquer the new 3rd district? Stevens besting Levin with the aid of AIPAC shows good-old-fashioned money infusions still work.

Governor DeSantis Suspended a Defiant Official – Should Conservatives Celebrate?

We value Rule of Law but we also appreciate civil disobedience in its many forms. DeSantis may have acted appropriately here but let’s focus on the underlying arguments, not revel in “serves him right” mockery of the official – next time it may be you.

Governor Newsom Vows to Stand with LGBT to Fight Monkeypox Stigmatization, Yet He Stigmatized and Blamed COVID on Those That Opposed His Oppressive Mandates and Preferred Policy

A nasty double standard for all to see. We should not stigmatize anyone as a threat to public health because of disagreement on beliefs or lifestyles.

Ryan Kelley is the Governor Michigan Needs Right Now to Protect Medical Freedom and Restore Constitutional Governance

The current governor is a powerful enemy of the Constitution and fundamental rights. Michigan needs a candidate with the right principles, courage, and charisma to defeat this well-funded Goliath.

Biden Awards Flag/Anthem-Kneeler Megan Rapinoe Presidential Medal of Freedom – Why This Contradicts What the Medal Represents

A US government official CAN award a person that disrespects the US on the world stage a medal in part meant to recognize those that significantly contribute to US national interests, but SHOULD they? Good Americans shouldn’t tolerate it.

Baseless Lawsuit Filed in Attempt to Keep Michigan Republican Candidate for Governor Ryan Kelley Off the Ballot

The politically-motivated complaint alleges Ryan Kelley is disqualified from the November ballot due to his alleged activities at the January 6th 2021 “Insurrection.” Why this type of lawsuit is the actual threat and should be opposed.

Upon Roe’s Demise, Michigan Abortion Advocates Promote “Right to Reproductive Freedom” Constitutional Amendment Ballot Initiative – How Pro-Life Advocates Can Respond

Dedicated advocates and paid petitioners alike are out in full force in Michigan trying to obtain the 425,059 valid signatures necessary to get their pro-abortion Constitutional Amendment proposal on the November ballot.