Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Conception of the Social Contract is Trash

To bolster his vaccine mandate argument, Neil deGrasse Tyson misplays the “social contract” card.

Remember, Remember Whitmer’s COVID Tyranny on the 8th of November

Michigan must choose whether it wants to reward Whitmer for her wrong-headed, rights-infringing COVID response and risk it happening again via her reelection, or change course to reiterate our foundations in freedom by electing challenger Tudor Dixon.

Don’t Let the Mask Mandates Return

With the COVID/flu silly season fast approaching, certain jurisdictions will once again be tempted to institute rights-infringing, counterproductive mask mandates, especially for our kids in school. It is time to stand up to these Petty Little Dictators and refuse to comply with such orders in the general public and in schools.

Big Tech Censorship: Challenge Those Protecting Big Pharma Scoundrels From Dissent

The medical establishment today is doing what every rights-infringing exploitation regime has done throughout human history – turning to authoritarianism and censorship to limit the spread of ideas threatening their grip on power. With Big Tech on their side, it may be more difficult than ever to stop them.

Adorable Beagles Saved At Last – Demanding Accountability Nets Another Positive Result After BeagleGate

Dividends continue to be paid after a group demanding accountability at the Federal level raised awareness about unethical medical testing on beagles in 2021. This recent win in Virginia provides an example of why it pays to audit government grants and not let taxpayer money be loosely given out.

Fact Checking a “Fact Checker” – An Example of How Those Unwanted Additions on Your Social Media Posts are Often More Misleading than Genuinely Informative

Hold on there “fact checker,” perhaps that post you deemed “misleading” about government face mask mandate double-standards has a point?

The Irrefutable Pro-Life Argument Against Abortion

Some issues are open for legitimate disagreement. The immorality of willful abortion is not one of them.

When Intellectuals Weaponize False Virtue – Demonizing Dissent in Support of Official Narratives During the COVID Hysteria

An article written by popular Stoic author Ryan Holiday during the COVID hysteria provides a wonderful example of how virtue often takes a back seat to fear-mongering and coercion during tough times.