Proposal 3 is Abortion Policy Too Extreme for Michigan

Whether you are 100% pro-life or believe abortion ought to be permitted with restrictions and limitations, the bottom line is that Proposal 3 is too extreme and irresponsible for Michigan. Don’t let the pro-abortion extremists mislead you into thinking this is just a return to policy as it was before Roe and Casey were overturned – it goes much further than that.


Don’t Discount the Possibility the US Sabotaged the Nord Stream Pipelines

It is tempting to assume Russia did it and the mainstream media has been quick to play up this possibility. It would be, however, premature and irresponsible to rule out US actors and their allies as the culprits given they have experience in such acts, they have motive, and they have the means to carry it out.

Red Lines and Referendums In Eastern Ukraine May Change the Nature of the Conflict

If the people of the Luhansk, Donetsk, Kherson, and Zaporozhye regions vote to join Russia, it may signal the end of major hostilities in the short-term in these regions; not because Kiev and the West will instantly respect the result, but because of the reality of cold, hard international relations theory and self interests (as well as the harsh cold of winter).

Black Mermaids and White Falcons – Is There Any Reasonable Criteria for Recasting Characters?

The reaction to the supposed racist “outrage” over the casting of a black actress as The Little Mermaid is overblown and seems like a manufactured controversy. The factors to consider when examining a character for casting or recasting and the possible criticism of the decision however is an interesting study.

Don’t Let the Mask Mandates Return

With the COVID/flu silly season fast approaching, certain jurisdictions will once again be tempted to institute rights-infringing, counterproductive mask mandates, especially for our kids in school. It is time to stand up to these Petty Little Dictators and refuse to comply with such orders in the general public and in schools.

A “Nonbinary” Category for Marathon Races? Inclusive, Cringeworthy, or of Little Consequence?

The Boston Marathon will add “nonbinary” along with the traditional male and female categories. Let’s consider this a bit.

21 Years After 9/11 – The Most Important Lesson We Still Need to Learn

Powerful interests use tragedies and threats to push their agendas at our expense. We must stop allowing our fears and emotions to be exploited in a manner that grows coercive top-down government and compounds problems beyond the original concern.

New Rule Will Allow VA to Provide Abortions to Eligible Veterans & Their Beneficiaries

The Dobbs Supreme Court decision has pro-abortion activists inside and outside the government scrambling to find ways to provide abortions to women in states that may prohibit them. The VA’s Interim Final Rule does just this, and reading through the Rule’s stated reasoning provides yet another example of the dangers associated with Congress allowing administrative agencies too much leeway in determining their own authority.

Who You Calling a Fascist?

Biden recently labeled the philosophy of his MAGA rivals “semi-fascism.” More ad hominem than valid critique, use of the term in this manner seems more the mark of a lazy mind than a statement of substance. Nevertheless, Democrats like Biden that throw the term around should think twice given the history and positions of their own Party.

Is Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan Legal? Competing DOE Memos Highlight the Legal Fight Ahead

News of Biden’s plan to cancel portions of student debt has stirred up debate regarding his legal authority to do so. The legal fight is primarily over interpretation of the Secretary of Education’s authority per the HEROES Act. Until recently, the DOE has held this authority does not exist.

Big Tech Censorship: Challenge Those Protecting Big Pharma Scoundrels From Dissent

The medical establishment today is doing what every rights-infringing exploitation regime has done throughout human history – turning to authoritarianism and censorship to limit the spread of ideas threatening their grip on power. With Big Tech on their side, it may be more difficult than ever to stop them.

Rejecting the Pledge of Allegiance Because it Contains the Words “Under God” is Misguided

The Fargo School Board’s recent decision to ditch the Pledge because they perceive “under God” to be in violation of the school’s “diversity, equity, and inclusion” policy reflects a profound misunderstanding of not only the Pledge, but our country as well.

The Democrats Who Cried Wolf

From the baseless derogatory labels, to the blatant media bias, to the lawsuits and the impeachments, Trump’s enemies have attacked him so much over the years that the Mar-a-Lago raid just gains him more sympathy. Democrat credibility will continue to suffer but the real victim is American justice.

Takeaways From Three Interesting Races in the 2022 Michigan Primaries

Money, power, and principles. Tudor Dixon’s win frustrates many in the Republican grassroots – can she win their crucial support? Gibbs defeating Meijer shows Trump’s influence remains strong but will it conquer the new 3rd district? Stevens besting Levin with the aid of AIPAC shows good-old-fashioned money infusions still work.

Facebook Hypocrites

The amount of truly harmful and violent rhetoric allowed on the site is high; apparently pointing it out is what violates “community standards.”

Governor DeSantis Suspended a Defiant Official – Should Conservatives Celebrate?

We value Rule of Law but we also appreciate civil disobedience in its many forms. DeSantis may have acted appropriately here but let’s focus on the underlying arguments, not revel in “serves him right” mockery of the official – next time it may be you.

Behold, I Have Returned From a Night Out in the City (Satire)

A recent satire piece in the New Yorker poked fun at the underlying messaging often found with obsessive social media posting upon one’s return from nature hikes. I couldn’t help but make a nightlife version.

Truly Respect Animals By First Recognizing Their Place and Ours in the Natural Order

We all love animals. But attempts to recognize them as having the same rights as humans (members of the rational mutual moral community) are misguided and can even end up causing harm.

Chinese State-Controlled Media Trolls are Pushing Democrat Talking Points on Social Media in the US

We should expect foreign State-run media to promote the interests of the State they serve. But when an authoritarian adversary is in your media taking ideological positions in your country’s domestic affairs, you should ask yourself why and note who is aligned with them.

Governor Newsom Vows to Stand with LGBT to Fight Monkeypox Stigmatization, Yet He Stigmatized and Blamed COVID on Those That Opposed His Oppressive Mandates and Preferred Policy

A nasty double standard for all to see. We should not stigmatize anyone as a threat to public health because of disagreement on beliefs or lifestyles.

We Should Welcome Veterans Into the Teaching Profession, Not Berate Them

The backlash over a Florida law that aims to help honorably discharged military members become teachers during a teacher shortage is overblown.

National Popular Vote- Another Misguided Attempt to “Fundamentally Transform” America

As Madison notes in Federalist #39, we are a Republic of a deliberately mixed Federal/National character. Shady attempts by some states to push their preferred policy by circumventing Constitutional structures ought to be rejected outright.

Ryan Kelley is the Governor Michigan Needs Right Now to Protect Medical Freedom and Restore Constitutional Governance

The current governor is a powerful enemy of the Constitution and fundamental rights. Michigan needs a candidate with the right principles, courage, and charisma to defeat this well-funded Goliath.

We Are Captivated by Female Athletes Smashing Women’s World Records – Preserve Their Value by Keeping Men Out

There is an inherent value in recognizing and rewarding excellence for sex-based physical achievement. Allowing biological men to compete in women’s sports undermines this. The difference between the sexes merits distinction that ought to be reflected in the rules at the most important levels of competition.

Adorable Beagles Saved At Last – Demanding Accountability Nets Another Positive Result After BeagleGate

Dividends continue to be paid after a group demanding accountability at the Federal level raised awareness about unethical medical testing on beagles in 2021. This recent win in Virginia provides an example of why it pays to audit government grants and not let taxpayer money be loosely given out.

Fact Checking a “Fact Checker” – An Example of How Those Unwanted Additions on Your Social Media Posts are Often More Misleading than Genuinely Informative

Hold on there “fact checker,” perhaps that post you deemed “misleading” about government face mask mandate double-standards has a point?

Another “Good Guy With a Gun” Saved a Lot of Lives – Why Gun Ban Advocates Miss the Point When They Call it “Rare.”

How many “good guy with a gun” stories do there need to be before the gun grabbers stop referring to defensive gun use as a “myth?”

Rage on Behalf of the Machine

From supporting rights-violating vaccine mandates at their shows, to promoting the use of big government to legalize rights-violating abortions while opposing proper jurisdictions having the ability to enact legal protections for the Pre-born, Rage Against the Machine’s recent actions have drummed up renewed criticism of their long-standing hypocrisy and moral confusion.

Biden Awards Flag/Anthem-Kneeler Megan Rapinoe Presidential Medal of Freedom – Why This Contradicts What the Medal Represents

A US government official CAN award a person that disrespects the US on the world stage a medal in part meant to recognize those that significantly contribute to US national interests, but SHOULD they? Good Americans shouldn’t tolerate it.

Baseless Lawsuit Filed in Attempt to Keep Michigan Republican Candidate for Governor Ryan Kelley Off the Ballot

The politically-motivated complaint alleges Ryan Kelley is disqualified from the November ballot due to his alleged activities at the January 6th 2021 “Insurrection.” Why this type of lawsuit is the actual threat and should be opposed.

The Irrefutable Pro-Life Argument Against Abortion

Some issues are open for legitimate disagreement. The immorality of willful abortion is not one of them.

The Good, the Bad, and the Draco

Ehmani Mack Davis used a Draco AK pistol to kill a cop. But the gun, like the mythological creatures from which it derives its name, can be regarded as good or evil depending on who chooses to use them to express their Will.

Republican Candidates for Michigan Governor Debate – July 6, 2022 – Summary of Responses to Each Question Asked

Candidates Ryan D. Kelley, Garrett Soldano, Tudor Dixon, and Kevin Rinke square off in a debate conducted by Woodtv8.

Georgia Guidestones Hit With Explosives – Why Some View Them With Contempt and Suspicion

Conspiracy theory or conspiracy reality, either way you must admit, these stones are weird.

Unpatriotic Brats? A New Poll Measures Political Divisions, Finds Younger Generations Less Patriotic- What We Might Do About It

Mark Twain famously said, “Patriotism is supporting your country all the time and your government when it deserves it.”

A Conundrum for the Gun Control Crowd

When gun violence strikes heavily gun-controlled jurisdictions like it did in Highland Park, Illinois on Independence Day, who and what will gun-controllers blame for the incident?

On Independence Day, Read the Declaration & Also Reflect on Its Place and Importance in Our System

Lincoln alluded to Proverbs 25:11 and fittingly compared the Declaration to an apple of gold adorned and preserved by a frame of silver (the Constitution).

Butterfly Effect Morality

If a hypothetical butterfly flaps his wings in Africa, it might cause a hurricane in Florida. So it stands to reason that a healthy person in Florida ought to be forced to wear a face mask to prevent the eventual possible COVID infection of a child in California, doesn’t it?

Joe Biden Now Supports Exceptions to the Filibuster to “Codify Roe v. Wade into Law” – Democrat Meddling With the Filibuster to Get What They Want is How it Became Abused as it is Today

The filibuster has a long history. It has been used and abused by Democrats and Republicans alike. But it was Democrat Senator Mike Mansfield in 1970 that made it the largely despised instrument it is today. That said, without it even bigger transgressions against the intent the Founders had for the Senate would likely occur.

Why Address Their Arguments When You Can Just Assume They Are Ignorant Bigots?

There is a lot to be critical of regarding Critical Race Theory. Do not let its proponents pigeonhole the honest opposition and attack imagined bogeymen instead of addressing valid concerns.

When Intellectuals Weaponize False Virtue – Demonizing Dissent in Support of Official Narratives During the COVID Hysteria

An article written by popular Stoic author Ryan Holiday during the COVID hysteria provides a wonderful example of how virtue often takes a back seat to fear-mongering and coercion during tough times.

Of Doves & Serpents – The West’s Foreign Policy Moral Shortcomings in Ukraine & Beyond

Western leaders and media talking heads are great at assigning blame and identifying the moral shortcomings of enemies and adversaries amidst tragedy. Few stop to reflect on our own shortcomings.

Upon Roe’s Demise, Michigan Abortion Advocates Promote “Right to Reproductive Freedom” Constitutional Amendment Ballot Initiative – How Pro-Life Advocates Can Respond

Dedicated advocates and paid petitioners alike are out in full force in Michigan trying to obtain the 425,059 valid signatures necessary to get their pro-abortion Constitutional Amendment proposal on the November ballot.

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