Culture Wars

Privilege- What it is & What it is Not

The Left’s assault on language and logical concepts continues. A popular meme on social media displays an especially clever bit of sophistry.

“Woke” is a Joke – How the Modern Left Rendered the Term Meaningless

“Woke” is yet another term/concept hijacked by Leftists in an attempt to associate itself inseparably with positive virtues via language modification.

Augustus Gloop is FAT – What Do You Think of That?

Leave Roald Dahl’s works – like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – as he intended them. Editing his descriptions to make them more PC for today’s audiences is wrong and can contradict the his intent.

Do You Really Want to Eat That Fried Cauliflower Sandwich?

Is this Chick-fil-A product experiment merely the result of genuine market demand, or is there a little bit of “nudging” going on here?

‘Lift Every Voice and Sing’ is a Fine Song but ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ is the Only National Anthem America Needs

They call it the “Black National Anthem.” We already have one of those – for everyone.

Dear Media, Speculation is Not Evidence

The media often makes “mountains out of molehills” with stories but when it is done by highlighting old speculation that proper investigation has already invalidated, this becomes particularly irresponsible.

Of GOATs and Men: The Underlying Values and Temperaments That May Influence Our Preferences in These Debates

Is a modern American Conservative more likely to pick Jordan over LeBron in the basketball GOAT debate? Is a modern American Liberal less likely to identify the USA as the “Greatest country in the world?” If so, why?

Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Conception of the Social Contract is Trash

To bolster his vaccine mandate argument, Neil deGrasse Tyson misplays the “social contract” card.

MLK Jr. Was a Uniter – Let’s Never Allow Presentism & Cancel Culture to Ruin His Legacy

There is always a tendency for ideological and political groups to rally around (or demonize) important historical figures based on contemporary desires and goals. Martin Luther King, Jr. is no exception. 

Keep Christ in Your Christmas Music Playlist (Even If You Are Not Religious)

Reading through Billboard’s list of the 100 Best Christmas Songs of All Time, one cannot help but notice it is heavy on the commercial and secular side. These may be great songs, but let’s not forget the reason for the season. Music is a great way to bridge the gap between religious and secular worlds.

College Board Slams the New York Times for Misrepresenting Its African American Studies Course After DeSantis Controversy

The College Board denounced the New York Times for their coverage of an official AP African American Studies course framework, calling it a “Gross misrepresentation of the content of the course and the process by which it was developed.” Was DeSantis instrumental in getting the framework revised as the Times suggests?

“Revenge Rioting” in Atlanta Over a Death During the Misguided “Cop City” Protests – Exposing the Illogic of the “Forest Defenders”

Protesting to defend the environment, stop the expansion of oppressive authority, and call out corrupted government proceedings are all well and good. None of that applies to the protests in Georgia that cost one person their life and brought violence to downtown Atlanta.

A Virginia Restaurant Denied Service to a Christian Group Because of Their Beliefs – Justified or Illegal Discrimination?

When and how the government should intervene to promote access or protect rights has been a never-ending debate. We have made some logical progress in making reasonable distinctions amongst competing interests, but often we encounter incidents where the lines seem to be blurred.

Griner is Home – How We Reflect and Act on the Lessons of the Incident Now Will Signal Either Closure or Escalation

Brittney Griner recently returned home upon being let out of jail by the Russians in exchange for the release of Viktor Bout, a convicted arms dealer suspected of being an enemy of the United States. It will be interesting to see how Griner reflects on the incident and how the media frames the story moving forward.

“Extremist!” Don’t Let Critics of America’s Foundations Define the Term

What exactly does it mean to be “extreme” in America? If you are a passionate advocate in support of our Constitution and our Founding principles, does that make you an “extremist?” If you listen to certain voices on the Left it does. This is not only a nasty politically-motivated slur, but it is also illogical and dangerous to our Union.

On Veterans Day, Honor Your Local Pioneers & Heroes That Served

Nathaniel Squire served during the Revolutionary War and later became one of the first settlers of the area that would become Utica, MI. Interesting local stories like this are all around us waiting to be discovered by new audiences.

Attacking Art as a Means of Activism is Grotesque – Art Itself Provides the Virtuous Path to the Change They Seek

The Detroit Institute of Arts is featuring the Van Gogh in America exhibit. Walking through it, thinking of the misguided attacks on his art elsewhere, one cannot help but recognize the inherent contradiction in their acts.

Cancelling Kanye – Considering His Latest Controversies and the Media Reaction

A review of the good, the bad, and the crazy of Kanye’s latest antics. Whatever the case, we must remember he is an individual responsible for his own actions and words, not a standard-bearer for any larger group in the culture war that warrants automatic attack or defense every time he opens his mouth.

The Columbus Day/Indigenous Peoples’ Day Debate – The One Lesson We All Must Learn

 If we do not learn from the failures of indigenous societies to protect their interests from outsiders, we risk the same happening to us. If we fail to learn from some of the immoral means employed by Columbus and the colonial powers of the times (and beyond), we risk repeating this behavior and becoming something horrible in the future. Pro-Columbus Day arguments seek to recognize and preserve that which has led to our present system; a system that will best secure what Columbus Day critics want secured – the fundamental rights of indigenous peoples.

Leftists Are Using Deceit to Frame Critics of Lizzo’s Acts as Racists and Sexists

Whatever you think about the controversy over Lizzo’s actions while playing Madison’s flute at her concert, can we all agree it is wrong to substitute different videos and pictures of her playing the flute in the context of the story in order to frame critics as objecting for racist and sexist reasons?

Black Mermaids and White Falcons – Is There Any Reasonable Criteria for Recasting Characters?

The reaction to the supposed racist “outrage” over the casting of a black actress as The Little Mermaid is overblown and seems like a manufactured controversy. The factors to consider when examining a character for casting or recasting and the possible criticism of the decision however is an interesting study.

Don’t Let the Mask Mandates Return

With the COVID/flu silly season fast approaching, certain jurisdictions will once again be tempted to institute rights-infringing, counterproductive mask mandates, especially for our kids in school. It is time to stand up to these Petty Little Dictators and refuse to comply with such orders in the general public and in schools.

A “Nonbinary” Category for Marathon Races? Inclusive, Cringeworthy, or of Little Consequence?

The Boston Marathon will add “nonbinary” along with the traditional male and female categories. Let’s consider this a bit.

Who You Calling a Fascist?

Biden recently labeled the philosophy of his MAGA rivals “semi-fascism.” More ad hominem than valid critique, use of the term in this manner seems more the mark of a lazy mind than a statement of substance. Nevertheless, Democrats like Biden that throw the term around should think twice given the history and positions of their own Party.

Big Tech Censorship: Challenge Those Protecting Big Pharma Scoundrels From Dissent

The medical establishment today is doing what every rights-infringing exploitation regime has done throughout human history – turning to authoritarianism and censorship to limit the spread of ideas threatening their grip on power. With Big Tech on their side, it may be more difficult than ever to stop them.

Rejecting the Pledge of Allegiance Because it Contains the Words “Under God” is Misguided

The Fargo School Board’s recent decision to ditch the Pledge because they perceive “under God” to be in violation of the school’s “diversity, equity, and inclusion” policy reflects a profound misunderstanding of not only the Pledge, but our country as well.

Facebook Hypocrites

The amount of truly harmful and violent rhetoric allowed on the site is high; apparently pointing it out is what violates “community standards.”

Governor DeSantis Suspended a Defiant Official – Should Conservatives Celebrate?

We value Rule of Law but we also appreciate civil disobedience in its many forms. DeSantis may have acted appropriately here but let’s focus on the underlying arguments, not revel in “serves him right” mockery of the official – next time it may be you.

Behold, I Have Returned From a Night Out in the City (Satire)

A recent satire piece in the New Yorker poked fun at the underlying messaging often found with obsessive social media posting upon one’s return from nature hikes. I couldn’t help but make a nightlife version.

Truly Respect Animals By First Recognizing Their Place and Ours in the Natural Order

We all love animals. But attempts to recognize them as having the same rights as humans (members of the rational mutual moral community) are misguided and can even end up causing harm.

Chinese State-Controlled Media Trolls are Pushing Democrat Talking Points on Social Media in the US

We should expect foreign State-run media to promote the interests of the State they serve. But when an authoritarian adversary is in your media taking ideological positions in your country’s domestic affairs, you should ask yourself why and note who is aligned with them.

We Should Welcome Veterans Into the Teaching Profession, Not Berate Them

The backlash over a Florida law that aims to help honorably discharged military members become teachers during a teacher shortage is overblown.

We Are Captivated by Female Athletes Smashing Women’s World Records – Preserve Their Value by Keeping Men Out

There is an inherent value in recognizing and rewarding excellence for sex-based physical achievement. Allowing biological men to compete in women’s sports undermines this. The difference between the sexes merits distinction that ought to be reflected in the rules at the most important levels of competition.

Adorable Beagles Saved At Last – Demanding Accountability Nets Another Positive Result After BeagleGate

Dividends continue to be paid after a group demanding accountability at the Federal level raised awareness about unethical medical testing on beagles in 2021. This recent win in Virginia provides an example of why it pays to audit government grants and not let taxpayer money be loosely given out.

Fact Checking a “Fact Checker” – An Example of How Those Unwanted Additions on Your Social Media Posts are Often More Misleading than Genuinely Informative

Hold on there “fact checker,” perhaps that post you deemed “misleading” about government face mask mandate double-standards has a point?

Another “Good Guy With a Gun” Saved a Lot of Lives – Why Gun Ban Advocates Miss the Point When They Call it “Rare.”

How many “good guy with a gun” stories do there need to be before the gun grabbers stop referring to defensive gun use as a “myth?”

Rage on Behalf of the Machine

From supporting rights-violating vaccine mandates at their shows, to promoting the use of big government to legalize rights-violating abortions while opposing proper jurisdictions having the ability to enact legal protections for the Pre-born, Rage Against the Machine’s recent actions have drummed up renewed criticism of their long-standing hypocrisy and moral confusion.

Biden Awards Flag/Anthem-Kneeler Megan Rapinoe Presidential Medal of Freedom – Why This Contradicts What the Medal Represents

A US government official CAN award a person that disrespects the US on the world stage a medal in part meant to recognize those that significantly contribute to US national interests, but SHOULD they? Good Americans shouldn’t tolerate it.

The Irrefutable Pro-Life Argument Against Abortion

Some issues are open for legitimate disagreement. The immorality of willful abortion is not one of them.

The Good, the Bad, and the Draco

Ehmani Mack Davis used a Draco AK pistol to kill a cop. But the gun, like the mythological creatures from which it derives its name, can be regarded as good or evil depending on who chooses to use them to express their Will.

Georgia Guidestones Hit With Explosives – Why Some View Them With Contempt and Suspicion

Conspiracy theory or conspiracy reality, either way you must admit, these stones are weird.

Unpatriotic Brats? A New Poll Measures Political Divisions, Finds Younger Generations Less Patriotic- What We Might Do About It

Mark Twain famously said, “Patriotism is supporting your country all the time and your government when it deserves it.”

A Conundrum for the Gun Control Crowd

When gun violence strikes heavily gun-controlled jurisdictions like it did in Highland Park, Illinois on Independence Day, who and what will gun-controllers blame for the incident?

On Independence Day, Read the Declaration & Also Reflect on Its Place and Importance in Our System

Lincoln alluded to Proverbs 25:11 and fittingly compared the Declaration to an apple of gold adorned and preserved by a frame of silver (the Constitution).

Butterfly Effect Morality

If a hypothetical butterfly flaps his wings in Africa, it might cause a hurricane in Florida. So it stands to reason that a healthy person in Florida ought to be forced to wear a face mask to prevent the eventual possible COVID infection of a child in California, doesn’t it?

Why Address Their Arguments When You Can Just Assume They Are Ignorant Bigots?

There is a lot to be critical of regarding Critical Race Theory. Do not let its proponents pigeonhole the honest opposition and attack imagined bogeymen instead of addressing valid concerns.

When Intellectuals Weaponize False Virtue – Demonizing Dissent in Support of Official Narratives During the COVID Hysteria

An article written by popular Stoic author Ryan Holiday during the COVID hysteria provides a wonderful example of how virtue often takes a back seat to fear-mongering and coercion during tough times.