Ryan Kelley is the Governor Michigan Needs Right Now to Protect Medical Freedom and Restore Constitutional Governance

Republican Candidates for Michigan Governor (Left to right: Ryan D. Kelley, Garrett Soldano, Kevin Rinke, Tudor Dixon, and Ralph Rebandt

It is perhaps fitting that it came down to this scenario. The People of Michigan have been forced to needlessly suffer under the tyranny of Whitmer’s botched COVID response – and in many ways are still suffering the lingering effects of her wrongheaded actions. While there are other important issues at stake in this election, the one that rises above all others right now is the debate over what the government’s role is in a “State of Emergency” like COVID and indeed the extent of their power to coerce the People in general.

Given that none of the remaining Republican candidates can hope to beat Whitmer in fundraising and advertising reach, the nominee must be able to capitalize on grassroots support and rely on organic growth of their message to reach the People. A big part of that message must be an outright rejection of what happened to Michigan during Whitmer’s COVID response; Republicans must make the People remember how they felt during those years, explain how they were wronged, and offer a logical alternative. Three things are required of a candidate to accomplish this; the right principles, the charisma to effectively convey the importance of these principles to the People in such a short period of time, and the courage to actually do this amongst the inevitable vitriolic attacks to come. This is the difference between a David that can slay Goliath with the Principles of Right on his side and a washout that will be crushed under the weight of the incumbent’s massive fist.

Never Forget: If Whitmer allowed Michigan citizens in a store at all, they were barred from buying American Flags under her arbitrary dictates. Freedom isn’t “essential” to Whitmer.

Principles? What Principles?

Michigan has three main choices;

1. More of Governor Whitmer’s unconstitutional, rights-infringing bureaucracy.

2. A less-than-principled, wishy-washy Republican candidate that may not completely understand the nature of the problem and/or will settle to compromise rights away for political purposes. One that will fail to captivate the grassroots support and foster a sense of both the excitement and urgency necessary to counter and surpass the incumbent advantage.

Ryan D. Kelley is the principled choice and the David we need to take on Goliath In November!

Ryan Kelley Was Speaking Up and Attending Protests From the Start of COVID

Ryan Kelley addresses a crowd at a rally he organized at the Michigan Capitol on April 30, 2020 to oppose the Governor’s oppressive and unconstitutional Executive Orders. The event made national news.

Many politicians and pundits only came out against the tyrannical actions of “health authorities” and coercive government actors after the fact. Ryan Kelley was opposing these wrongheaded policies from the beginning and helped shape the narrative against them. From organizing and attending protests, to calling out false compromises and half-measures, Ryan Kelley has been a thought leader and grassroots organizer on the issue. Check out these two articles from his website that detail some of the things he has done throughout 2020 and 2021 regarding the COVID response and more:

How Ryan D. Kelley Fought for You in 2020

How Ryan D. Kelley Kept Fighting for You in 2021

Opposing Vaccine Mandates and Mask Mandates

“Vaccine mandates will erode all other freedoms we cherish in America if we allow them to be forced and enforced on the American people.” – Ryan Kelley

Making the Right Call on Messaging and the Unlock Michigan 2.0 Petition

If preserving medical freedom, securing individual rights from infringement, and restoring Constitutional governance in Michigan are important to you, the choice is clear; Ryan D. Kelley is the candidate to support for the August Republican Primary and the November general election.

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