Facebook Hypocrites

Welcome to Facebook, where you can openly advocate for abortion policy that has (and continues to) directly result in the willful killing of millions of innocent human beings, but you cannot use an analogy to show how certain reasoning in an argument for abortion is wrong and cannot be universalized and applied to other human beings.

The pro-abortion argument this lovely individual was making went along these lines, “If abortion is not allowed, lots of unwanted children will be born and this will cost society a lot of money and troubles, therefore abortion should be allowed to avoid the high costs and potential troubles for society later.”

The inhuman barbarity of this statement should be self-evident but clearly it is not for a sizeable portion of our populace.

By universalizing the maxim of her statement (killing humans deemed to be of less worth to preempt future problems is acceptable) and applying it to other groups of humans in society that also cost us a lot of money and cause problems, I was attempting to show how such reasoning is wrong specifically because it is so unthinkable to be applied elsewhere. The pro-abortion advocate’s problem is she does not recognize the humanity of the pre-born and therefore sees no problem with doing violence against them to increase perceived utility and benefit elsewhere.

Facebook claims the comment was flagged by an algorithm, which is understandable, but they also reviewed it and still determined it violated “community standards” on “violence and incitement.” The people that work at Facebook must be about as dense as the machines that run their algorithms.

The statement was anti-violence and was calling out bad reasoning that results in policy that does violence; policy Facebook clearly allows and approves. Hypocrisy at its finest.

One response to “Facebook Hypocrites”

  1. You should almost set up a page for examples.
    I am currently suspended (for another 20 days) because of “Bullying”
    I commented to one person that Person X appears to be a troll
    I responded to the troll, Person X, “Buh-Bye Troll” after he called he a “smooth-brain”
    I got called for both
    I reported to “smooth-brain comment 3 times, and it was NEVER acknowledged, not to mention reviewed.
    Oh, and since Facebook needs to issue Complaint Code, so you can apply for a review by the oversight board, they control who can get reviewed.
    Obviously, I did NOT get a review code, so no complaint possible to the Oversight Board
    I’m seriously considering a Defamation/Libel lawsuit against Facebook
    They have been going at me with these vague accusations, and no means of redress.


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